Rules Change

 (Photo credit to caren litherland on Flickr)

I’ve been reading about writing for several years now.

I’ve read loads of advice, tips and opinions about how someone should write.
Rules like: always start with conflict, start with characterization, repetition is a bad, repetition can be good sometimes, details are important, dialogue is more important and ect.
Do you see the pattern?

The rules of writing are always changing.

There have even been some authors who have become recognized when they have decided to bend the rules of grammar within their writing.
Other books like “The Thirteenth Tale” have set away the guidelines and instead have brought us an experience full of imagery and mystery within the many details on their pages.
I have found that no matter what the genre, be it in YA, NA, or Adult, there will always be books that change the rules. 
But you might wonder, “Where is a constant? A rule or guideline that should not be broken?”
I believe there is only one true rule in writing, one that will never change.
Just keep writing.
The story that needs to be told will only tell itself if you first take the first step.
Each writer must find their own path.
The tips and advice given by other writers out in the world is there to help guide those of us who might feel stuck in one way or another. Ultimately the decision is ours and we need to find the best way of writing that suits ourselves along the way.
Here on this blog, I hope I can offer my experiences with writing and the various lessons I’ve learned. I hope that I may be able to help similar writers find their way around the word path until they find their own way.
The rules may always be changing in writing, but so are its authors. We seek always to be better.