Writerly Update

Draw Free! Picture_edited
(Photo credit: me, K.A Werts)

I’m sorry for the late post today, I had a late shift at work.

The last couple of days have flown by, partly because I’ve been working and also because I’ve been editing.

On Thu 6/23 one of my favorite Twitter events occurred, the #SFFpit.

The #SFFpit is basically a pitch party. It is where writers have the opportunity to pitch their Sci-fi/Fantasy novels directly to agents and publishers.

Last year I got one like from an agent, but I was still writing my first draft of “A Victorian Tale” and I couldn’t finish it in time for submission.

This year though I was very fortunate to have a publishing company to like my pitch for “A Victorian Tale.” Now with a completed manuscript I’m a bit more prepared for submission; but I do want to make sure the first 3 chapters are in tip-top shape before submitting them. So that is what I’ve been up to since Thursday, editing my first 3 chapters for submission.

This submission will be my first, and it’s terrifying; but I’m determined to forge forward no matter what the outcome.

Have you ever participated in a pitch party? What was your experience like?

Write Change

Sometimes things need to change.

Change is part of life.

I’ve decided to change things on this blog a little bit.

I will be changing my update days to Friday or Saturdays.

My work schedule will be changing and although it won’t change the fact that I write every day; it will change when I can update “Write Improvement.”

I want to make sure that I keep a steady and routine update on this blog. So, if I have to change things up to do so, so be it.

Also, if there are any subjects or ideas you’d like me to make a post about feel free to comment below.

Thank you everyone for reading!

Special Post: A Creative Intermission

Today I will be doing something a little different.

An important part of being the writer is breathing. Sometimes we need to soak in nature, take a break and eat a donut, or take a stroll through an art gallery.

Today I shall spotlight a person I admire. She is a friend who has had many trials in her young life, and yet she has always found  reasons to smile and laugh.

She has always inspired me with her tenacity.

My friend Kaylissa (@kays_crafty_creations) has recently taken the leap and decided to display and put up for sale her own art and photography.

Her art has a lightness to it, that will always bring a smile to anyone’s face.

(“Harold the Giraffe”, Photo credit to: Kaylissa, via Instagram)

Her photography transports you. She has a way of looking through the lens and taking photos of familiar places and breathing new life into them.

(Photo  credit to: Kaylissa, via Instagram)
(Photo credit to: Kaylissa, Via Instagram)
(Photo credit to: Kaylissa, via Instagram)

I hope you will enjoy these captures and I hope it will give you a small breather from the busy life as a writer.

Never forget the power of a little bit of inspiration from those around us.

A Write Confession

(Photo credit to: dryhead, on Flickr)

I have a confession.

I am terrified.

I am terrified of failing. Not just a little, horribly….

That is why I have not submitted my 1st draft of “A Victorian Tale” into the foray of publishers or agents yet.

Now let’s be fair a first draft is hardly prepared enough to enter that underworld of crazy rejections and spontaneous successes.

I give myself credit in knowing that it’s not ready yet, but that is also an excuse.

I’ve been holding back from editing it.

I edited perhaps the first 3 chapters, but then after NANOWRIMO hit it was put on the back burner. Then for health reasons, going back and forth between a computer screen and a typed out/edited manuscript was torture. So I took a break, a long break.
The guilt of keeping it frozen in its toddler stage haunts me.

It has so much potential I can feel it and yet I have it stuck.

Part of me, I suppose, is terrified for another reason.

You see, “The Land of Fear” was the first time I truly allowed the darkness out as a writer. My previous writings had hints, but not the whole shebang.

I had held myself back a couple of times in “The Victorian Tale” and although it filtered through sometimes I think I held back the novel as well.

If I edit it this time, I know I will not be able to hold back and that terrifies me.

I am scared of what non-writer friends might think, and yet at the same time I know it will feel like a weight off my soul if I do do it.

All and all my resolution is not to allow any of the above to hold me back anymore, I miss my toddler and I’m going to go back and nurture it to grow once more.

Moral of this tale: If you have a fear that is holding you back, confront it, battle it and defeat it; so that you can move forward and grow. 

Do you have writerly fears, as well? If so what helps you combat them?


(Photo credit: Lex McKee on Flickr)
I’d like to dedicate my 2nd blog post to several very inspiring writers and creators out in the inter-webs.

I think as a writer it can feel as if you are lost in a sea of fantastic raindrops. You will read imaginative tales and be consumed in the lives and stories of the characters others have written. Then, when it comes to your own writing you may feel as if it will never measure up to the stories that have inspired your dreams.

This blog post is for the people that made me realize that this does not have to be so. These people may not have known me personally, but their words and encouragements have resonated truthfully for me. I hope they will do the same for you.

1) Ava Jae at {Writability}
Reason for her amazingness: She has wonderful tips and advice for fellow writers. She has humble beginnings. She has known the pain of a novel not panning out the way one may wish it; and the heartache of having to put it aside. She has felt rejection. She knows how it feels to try to find time in a busy life to write. Foremost she taught me that I am a writer. I write, therefore I’m a writer.

Notable posts and videos she has created:

Ava Jae will be having her debut novel, “Beyond the Red” coming out to bookstores in the March of this year.
Reason for her amazingness: She has helped to create another wonderful side of the writer community on Twitter. She’s supportive and encouraging. On days where I reported the my minimum word count and felt guilty for it, she cheered me on and congratulated me on my progress.
You can become part of the writer chain at her website, Writerology.net.


Reason for his amazingness: He never ceases to put a smile on my face. His witty and creative tweets are insightful as well as fun. He is breath of fresh air that every writer needs.

Brian has written a trilogy, The World of Godsland. The books are available in e-book format on Amazon.


Welcome One & All!

(Photo credit: Petras Gagilas from Flickr)

Today is my Wordiversary. I’m so glad you were able to make it. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

So, what is a Wordiversary?

On Jan 2, 2015 I started a chain that I have not broken.

I have not stopped writing everyday since last January 2nd.

So today on Jan 2, 2016 in order to celebrate this very special anniversary I have written my first blog post, on my first official writer/author blog.

A writer blog is an essential. At least that’s what I’ve been told by many of my writer buddies. It’s important to practice writing. It’s important to practice writing what you know, so you can write about things you don’t.

I didn’t know what sort of advice or knowledge I could impart to fellow writers. After all, I have not published any of my writing thus far. I have not won any contests for it. But in a small way I believe I have achieved something great.

I was a procrastinating writer before I started my write chain. I would write only when the mood would strike, when my fingers begged me to type or scribble. When I was told I should write a blog for writing, I laughed. All I could ever teach someone to do is procrastinate.

I’ve learned since then that even the greatest writers of all time continued to learn.

Thus with the start of a new year I have created my new project, “Write Improvement”.

“Write Improvement” is about how creativity can have an positive effect on someone’s day to day life. I hope to have future blog posts on: creating a writing routine and how to do so under various circumstances, and fun ways to break down writer’s blocks.

I would like to thank Faye with @WriteChain on twitter for the inspiration of my very own write chain. I would also like to thank Karen Kavett for her “Don’t Break the Chain!” calendar that has helped me to keep track and put a smile on my face with each new link throughout this year.