Write Experience: "The Mountain"

There is a challenge I face every day, and I believe there are other creatives who suffer from it as well. The tendency to isolate ourselves. As writers we get so lost in the worlds inside our minds.

I know for myself, after working a full time job, I crave to just curl up in bed with a good story and show. But by doing so I end up starving myself of something that is vital for any creative.


Every experience we have fuels the realism behind our characters, our worlds, and our plots. The more we learn about the world, the better we can describe it. Our voices grow along with our experience, and our stories ripen.

So I’ve decided to introduce another series for the blog, called: “Write Experience”. Each post will include a poem or vignette that will be based on an adventure of my own. I hope that this series will prove to be something that helps others and encourages them to go out and explore.

(Photo credit to: Jonathan R. Werts, my husband)

Without further ado, here’s “The Mountain”:

“They call it the Serpentine Trail, perhaps because of the sprinkling of emerald stones that weave up the path of the mountain. 
There is so much green, it looks like the grass is laughing and the thistles are chortling with glee.
The wind caresses them, tickling their sides.
If I close my eyes I can feel the joy too.
Goosebumps grace my arms and the rock that has bestowed me a seat slightly digs into me…
and yet I find myself succumbing to the quiet serenity, the peace of these hills where I walked as a child.
Suddenly I remember all the times I ran up these hills, my breaths coming out in gasps, as I tried to reach the highest destination before my family did. 
I remember seeing sly coyotes’ ears disappear in the brush. 
I remember how this place always took my breath away,
How it always made my heart soar. 
My dreams would later be inspired by this place.
Worlds would be created in its honor.”
The next time you have a chance to go on an adventure, take it. You never know what you may get in return.