Who I Am

My name is Kaitlin A. Werts.
I am a writer, a reader, a vlogger, pinterest enthusiast, poetic tumblr user, singer andphotographer.
I love creating new worlds and having the characters within them take me on strange and new adventurers.

I write NA Sci-fi & Fantasy. I enjoy creating in depth characters who deal with internal battles while still trying to keep true to their own integrity and identities.

I have a completed draft of a NA Sci-fi/Historical Steampunk novel called, “A Victorian Tale”. A.V.T, for short, is currently in its first edit.

I currently am also working on finishing my NANOWRIMO novel of 2015, “The Land of Fear.”

Last but not least, I also make videos about lessons I’ve learned and adventures I’ve taken part in. By mid-2016, I will be putting forth corresponding videos once a month for this blog as well.

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