Writerly Update

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(Photo credit: me, K.A Werts)

I’m sorry for the late post today, I had a late shift at work.

The last couple of days have flown by, partly because I’ve been working and also because I’ve been editing.

On Thu 6/23 one of my favorite Twitter events occurred, the #SFFpit.

The #SFFpit is basically a pitch party. It is where writers have the opportunity to pitch their Sci-fi/Fantasy novels directly to agents and publishers.

Last year I got one like from an agent, but I was still writing my first draft of “A Victorian Tale” and I couldn’t finish it in time for submission.

This year though I was very fortunate to have a publishing company to like my pitch for “A Victorian Tale.” Now with a completed manuscript I’m a bit more prepared for submission; but I do want to make sure the first 3 chapters are in tip-top shape before submitting them. So that is what I’ve been up to since Thursday, editing my first 3 chapters for submission.

This submission will be my first, and it’s terrifying; but I’m determined to forge forward no matter what the outcome.

Have you ever participated in a pitch party? What was your experience like?

4 thoughts on “Writerly Update

  1. I’ve never heard about pitch parties before, and uum… where I live (little seaside town in Australia) not sure they exist, lol. But they sound anxiety-provoking. I imagine you walk around and chat and give the tag line of your MS to as many people as you can find, all the while preparing mentally for little interest in it. am I right?


    1. It’s done all online on Twitter. All you need to do is register with Twitter and create a username and password. I would suggest using either your name as your username or your writer’s pseudonym as it, because you can never change it once it’s made. If you have any other questions feel free to follow me on Twitter and message me and I’ll help you through the ropes. The writing community on Twitter is really great and supportive.

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