When Fiction Fails….Why Not Journal

(Photo credit to: Bob, via Flickr)

Just like we all at times need an escape from reality, sometimes we need an escape from fiction.

I know it may be hard to believe that such a thing exists; the need to escape from the worlds within our heads. I know it was hard for me to realize such a thing but even on days like this we can still dream.

At times it’s not so much a need, its more as if we feel as if all our creative energies have been suck dry. Perhaps it was a hard week, or perhaps we’ve written non-stop and we have hit that famous Writer’s Wall. When this happens we can always turn to reality for a brief hiatus.

I have always been the kind of person to start a journal but never really stick to it.

Recently though I started an online diary and suddenly I’m writing more regularly.

On the off days during the week when I have just updated my stories on Wattpad, and my blog is current; its nice to have an outlet to place my stress.

Having an outlet for every day stress helps us to not burn out when we need to get our writing done.

& guess what? It counts towards your daily word count! Isn’t that great?

So on a day when you need to vent, so that you may return to your creative endeavors with renewed vigor, you can journal while still keeping to your daily writing schedule.

Have you journaled before? Or if not what sort of things do you do to vent away the stresses of every day life so that it doesn’t disrupt your writing schedule? 

7 thoughts on “When Fiction Fails….Why Not Journal

  1. Bob

    It’s great that you used this picture of mine because the story behind it is exactly what you wrote about in your article ;)….when I can’t figure out what to write I just start doodling and watercoloring….helps take a break and still be creative 😉

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Bob! This is the second time I had the privilege to use your awesome pics.
      I love how journaling not only helps to get the writing side of our brains to jumpstart but also it helps us regulate the stresses from reality so we can focus more on creativity.


  2. I think I have about 4 “unfinished” journals thrown around my house. I have yet to actually fill one up completely, but journaling and/or blogging definitely makes me feel like I can finally let go of some of the thoughts and ideas that are swirling around in my head 24/7!

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