The Writer’s Tag

Today I found an amazing new blog by Stef Gonzaga. She has written 3 e-books, and her poetry is beautiful. She’s a very sincere human being, and I have fallen for her blog. It’s definitely worth a look.
Today I’m am going to follow in her suit and do “The Writer’s Tag.”
(Photo credit to THOR, on Flickr)
So without any further ado, here’s the questions:
1) What type of writing do you do?
I write poetry, vignettes, and fiction.
2) What genres or topics do you write about?
I love writing in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Creating new worlds is exciting to me. I also love delving into the minds of my characters and finding out what makes them tick.
3) How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing since I could write. Before I could write, I made up songs about stories. & before I could speak I dreamed of worlds never seen before.
4) Are you published?
Not yet, but it is one of goals for the 2017.
5) What was the first story you ever wrote?
This is a hard one for me. I know when I was 4 or 5, I wrote about the time I “flew” off a swing. I’m not sure if that was the first though, but I’m pretty sure it was one of the first ones I wrote in book format. I would have a title page and then I would draw pictures above the words. My mom would staple the pages together with 3 staples so it would open and turn like a book.
6) Why do you write?
I write because I need to. If I don’t write, stories haunt me. The characters beat down the doors of my mind and beg me to be written. My dreams become plagued with stories on loop. And so I write. I write because I love to write. I write because storytelling is a part of me.
7) How do you find time to write?
I usually write after work. I work various shifts each week, so basically I write whenever I find time to.
8) When & where are the best times to write?
I tend to write at night mostly. But I’m not sure if that’s technically the best time for me to write or not. It depends. I’m still learning about my internal time-clock.
I tend to write in bed, since we have a very small apartment. Our bedroom seems to be the quietest room of the house, especially when my husband is gaming.
9) Favorite food/drinks while writing?
I tend to crave salty and sweet things in a loop. So either I’ll have some Cheetos or parsnip chips; or on the sweet side a chocolate bar or some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Tea tends to be the tonic I favor during writing, but it often is lukewarm by the time I get to drinking it.
10) Your writing playlist?
It depends on what I’m writing.
If I’m writing a blog post, I favor silence.
If I’m writing my current WIP, “The Land of Fear”, I tend to have my “Marco Polo” Pandora station on.
& if I’m editing “A Victorian Tale” I have a playlist via iTunes of various Victorian and Steam-punk soundtracks.
11) What do family/friends/loved ones think of you writing?
At first most thought of it as a hobby, but after the last year of me writing every single day they have come to see how important it is to me.
12) Parts of writing you enjoy the most?
I love grand reveals, awkward moments and witty dialogue.
13) Parts of writing you find challenging?
Beginnings and middles.
14) What do you use to write with and on?
I use whatever that is on hand. If I’m out and about, I will write on a notepad or enter it into Notepad on my iPhone. At home I tend to write on my laptop, or if I’m really tired on my phone. At work, pen and paper or occasionally I’ll email myself a thought or two.
15) How do you overcome writer’s block?
I just keep writing. If my fingers won’t move for my stories then I write about reality.
I remind myself that the first draft is always going to be bad, that I can edit later.
I listen to thematic music, watch a movie in the genre of my writing, or browse Pinterest for art that will inspire a scene.
I put my head down, pull through and write.
16) How do you motivate yourself to write?
“You can do this Kaitlin!” “You’ve written when you had a migraine, when you had vertigo and when things were at their worst; you are capable!” “You are capable for greatness…or just typing out at least 150 words. Who knows where that will take you!”
17) Authors who inspire you as a writer?
Hmm…I’ve been thinking about this one all day today and yet I don’t have an answer for this one yet.
18) Books that inspire you as a writer?
I’m sorry drawing a blank on this one as well.
19) Best advice you’ve gotten as a writer?
Just keep writing!
You write, therefore you ARE a writer!
20) Writing goals this year?
Finish editing my first draft of “A Victorian Tale”.
Finish my first draft of “The Land of Fear”.
Keep to my regular schedule of blogging.
I tag: Rachael Ritchey & anyone else who wishes to do the “Writer’s Tag” next.

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